Today at The Clinton: Thursday, Apr 17

Today At The Clinton Street Theater

Pig Death Machine


Thursday, Apr 17

"As scuzzy, schizoid and defiantly lo-fi as ever, punk-rock auteur Jon Moritsugu (Mod Fuck Explosion, Scumrock) proves with his Kickstarter-funded first feature in over a decade that there's still a cinematic underground in the post-Internet world."
     -LA WEEKLY, Aaron Hillis, 8-7-13

"Pig Death Machine verges on sophisticated… anyone who longs for the old, weird films of John Waters or the psychotronic freak-outs of New York's Cinema of Transgression should be able to get their fix from Pig Death Machine."
     -LOS ANGELES TIMES, Mark Olsen, 8-7-13

"As anyone should probably expect from a movie called "Pig Death Machine," there is a riotous climax in which the comedy's crew of unashamedly trashy grotesques yields the screen to an onslaught of raw bacon (and other meats) filmed in stop-motion animation... overflowing with eye-popping production design, eardrum-destroying rock ' n' roll, gross-outs aplenty and deadpan one-liners you'll be quoting for weeks."
     -THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Steve Dollar, 5-29-13

Pig Death Machine
Jon Moritsugu

After eating undercooked, parasite-laden, pink piggy, a brainless hottie is transformed into a dangerous genius, while across town, a punky-buxom-botanist-babe eats the same meaty treat and ends up endowed with the supernatural ability to "hear" her specimens. This is a fable about ENVY and the sickness that comes from getting exactly what you wish. PIG DEATH MACHINE is a sci-fi/psychological horror/screwball ride of chaotic, day-glo fever dreams and glitter-dusted nightmares, shot in the stunning wilds of New Mexico and featuring the music of Deerhoof, Dirty Beaches, Polvo, and industrial legend Monte Cazazza (Throbbing Gristle).


General Admission: $6     Students, Seniors (62+): $4     Everyone on Tuesdays: $4