Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Aug 9

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I don't really know how to describe the "in-between" state I'm in right now. Yes, we are opening back up; yes, vaccination numbers in Oregon are closing in on 70% of adults; yes, COVID case numbers and deaths are dropping; and yes, there seems to be some sort of normalcy reappearing in the upper echelons of our government.  Yet something still feels off. 


Frankly, we see this latest directive as a despicably spineless and dishonest form of political theater, our least favorite genre of entertainment.


If there's one word that keeps coming up in my mind as I follow local events it would be "disproportionate." In almost every interaction between citizens and enforcement authority figures, there is a ridiculous gulf between the actions of the former and the response of the latter.


All of this leaves us, and most other small businesses, in the position of trying to navigate these rough seas with incomplete and conflicting official guidance. In many cases, entrepreneurs are the ones setting public policy by our own proactive actions.


When do we stop caring only for "gun rights," and begin to care about the rights of children to attend school without fear, and for families to enjoy dinner in peace without any empty places?


the Clinton Street Theater is an art house movie theater, and it's also a community space, a place where we work together for a better world for our children and grandchildren


there it was--on that Philadelphia stage--the first black president, the future first woman president; America continues to move one step forward two steps back in the right direction.


Ultimately, it's about power. Allowing women (and men) to use contraception and decide whether they want to have a child if pregnant, not to mention having those things be safe, easily accessible, and covered by insurance, takes away what little power patriarchal institutions still have over women, which is why I fully support women's reproductive rights, as well as anything that gives women an equal share in the sphere of public life.


This can change, and together, we can help make a difference.


activate the little grey cells and parse the bull sh*t


every interaction matters; so be kind and love one another


Please be nice to one another.


A joy that's shared is a joy made double; a shared sorrow is cut in half.


It's hard to believe that we did all of this on one stage and with one screen!


Speak out! For truth still survives Speak out! Say whatever you have to say!


I believe Lani Jo works harder than any booker in town to try and find the true hidden gems of modern indie cinema, and even our repertory choices are not 'safe' - they're meant to make a statement.


I will make the claim now: this is not the good fight. This is not the cause for which we should express our outrage and concern.


I do care that everyone has the opportunity to see this great film, so if the ticket price is a problem for you, we can work something out.


We carried small wooden crosses that represented those who had died in the crossing. Many of the crosses bore no names, simply "desconocido." Someone at some time must have carried a cross that said, "Dayani Cristal."


Only you know your financial circumstances, and rather than have some rigid arbitrary labels determining who pays what, I'm leaving it up to you, our theater patrons.


Being able to perform on your stage and share our community with new people every week is a perk in itself. The CSC is my family and the Clinton Street Theater is our home. The renovations and improvements are the real perk, and that is why I contributed what I could to the campaign.


I tell this story by way of saying thanks.


“The schedule will take a little getting used to, but at least I’ll have my evenings free.”


I can have hopes and dreams and desires for the theater, but MY vision can't become a reality if YOU are not behind it.


Portland has more arthouse screens than any other city in the country per capita. Do we really need another one, or does the Clinton Street Theater serve a different segment of Portland?


Clinton Street Theater is probably the indiest of the indie/arthouses. I play a lot of great stuff that no one's ever heard of...

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