Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Aug 9

Media Information

Digital Film

Preparing your work for a show at CST? The Clinton Street Theater can accommodate standard DVD and Blu-Ray discs (Region 1, NTSC or PAL).

We prefer to screen your digital video file, if a disc is not available. With so many codecs and compressors out there, it can be tricky to select the best output for your work. We recommend:

  • HD1080 resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) at any standard frame rate
  • Dolby 7.1/5.1 audio (normal stereo is fine too)
  • H.264 (MPEG4) encoding

Other formats, like MPEG2 or Apple's ProRes will also work. Naturally, files of lower resolution, like HD720 or SD can be shown as well.

We request that files be sent a minimum of (1) week before your screening so we can test them on our projection system.


If you're creating a slide for a pre-show deck or as an inter-title, you can also use HD1080 resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Sending Files

It's no problem to download large files, or we can accept them on a USB or Firewire portable drive in advance of the event.


Though we prefer to get files onto our system for the best quality, if you would like to make a presentation from a laptop, there are two options to connect to the house system:

  • HDMI output from any laptop that has that type of connector (if you need audio as well as video, your laptop must be configured to send the sound through the HDMI connector). Range is limited and the laptop may need to be operated in our projection booth.
  • AirPlay over the wireless network if you have an Apple system using OSX 10.9 or newer.

While it may be possible to use an adapter to convert from DVI or VGA to HDMI for presentations, those connectors would not be able to transmit audio. 

If your equipment is not compatible with the Clinton Street Theater's system, or the presenter does not want to control the presentation, we can play PowerPoint and video files from the system in the projection booth with timing notes.