Clinton Cult Classics presents CRAZY MAMA

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Clinton Cult Classics presents CRAZY MAMA



The second early exploitation feature from superlative film artist Jonathan Demme (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SOMETHING WILD, MARRIED TO THE MOB), CRAZY MAMA stars Oscar winner Cloris Leachman (THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.)

Restoration courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.

Jonathan Demme
United States
80 minutes

“When she loses her beauty shop, single mom Melba (Leachman) hits the road with her mother and daughter for a wild cross-country crime spree through 1950s America. The second of three films Demme made for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures is a fast, funny, freewheeling tour through Brylcreem-era kitsch, with a subversive female empowerment edge.” (BAMcinématek)


The Lava Log is a visual album.  These 9 animated videos are assembled from digital recreations of stock images, the depths of Google image search, and 00's nostalgia, set to ambient soundscapes created using obsolete iPhone apps, field recordings of malfunctioning tech, and other internet ephemera.  A collaboration between animator Kieran O'Hare (Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep), musician Sean Yeaton (Parquet Courts), and sound designer/composer Ryan Dann (Joe Pera Talks with You), the Lava Log is ASMR for the hyperactive-- like staring at a Lava Lamp melting in the embers of a Yule Log. 


Creator Bios:

Kieran O'Hare is an animator and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY who has created animated TV and web content for platforms including Adult Swim, VICE, and MTV. His fine art looks askance at the informational function of infographics, taking a critical view in his maps, non-linear narrative “bricks,” and various hand-drawn simulacra.

Sean Yeaton is a musician and artist best known as a founding member of the New York-based band Parquet Courts.

Ryan Dann is a sound designer and score composer based in Brooklyn, NY. He's best known as the primary composer for Joe Pera Talks With You on Adult Swim, but has also worked on podcasts such as Storybound, Unsolved Mysteries, and Their Own Devices. As a musician, he releases music under the name Holland Patent Public Library.


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