Clinton Street Resistance presents DEATH BECOMES HER

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Things are really f*cked up right now. And here on Clinton Corner, we're doing our bit to make things better.

Every Monday night, come to the Clinton Street Theater, enjoy a film on the big screen (the way it should be seen!), make friends, have a few laughs, scream, cry and raise money for a good cause.

Clinton Street Resistance presents DEATH BECOMES HER


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Insistently grotesque, relentlessly misanthropic and spectacularly tasteless, ''Death Becomes Her'' isn't a film designed to win the hearts of the mass moviegoing public. But it is diabolically inventive and very, very funny.

Dave Kehr, Chicago Tribune

The effects are awesome, if occasionally too gruesome to enjoy. All in all, however, Death Becomes Her is clever, different and dementedly entertaining, while commenting on our unhealthy obsession with youth and beauty.

Jeff Menell, Hollywood Reporter

home plate youth logoTonight's nonprofit is Home Plate Youth. HomePlate supports the positive development of young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability through community building, education, access to services and resources, and youth empowerment.

HomePlate envisions communities where homelessness is a short-term circumstance, not a long term or chronic condition, and youth are supported in their communities.

HomePlate honors each youth that comes into our awareness by offering servant hospitality, open and honest communication, respect for the place they are on life's journey, and compassion for the burdens they carry. They treat each youth and each other with respect, caring, and honesty.

Through drop-in services, job connections, housing connections, meals, clothing, outreach and community connections, Home Plate addresses homelessness in Washington County

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Robert Zemeckis
United States
104 minutes

Two female rivals drink a magic potion from a beautiful enchantress that promises eternal youth. However, after they kill each other in their battle for the man they love, the potion revives them as the undead; and they are forced to maintain their deteriorating bodies forever.

Special Admission

Free screening as part of our Clinton Street Resistance Series. Please consider making a donation to our nonprofit partner, Home Plate Youth.

You can reserve a seat or make a $5 donation online.