Clinton Street Resistance presents ERASERHEAD

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Things are really f*cked up right now. And here on Clinton Corner, we're doing our bit to make things better.

Every Monday night, come to the Clinton Street Theater, enjoy a film on the big screen (the way it should be seen!), make friends, have a few laughs, scream, cry and raise money for a good cause.

Clinton Street Resistance presents ERASERHEAD



It's beautiful and strange, with its profoundly disturbing ambient sound design of industrial groaning, as if filmed inside some collapsing factory or gigantic dying organism.

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

ImpactNW_LogoTonight's nonprofit partner is Impact NW.

Impact NW’s Mission is to prevent homelessness by partnering with people as they navigate their journey to stability and opportunity.

Impact NW has always responded to our community’s most pressing needs.

Impact NW is making a major shift and focus in 2019 to support people and families on the edge. They prevent homelessness by partnering with thousands of people in danger of losing their housing. By helping people navigate the broken safety-net system, we catalyze a cascade of stability and strength that benefits everyone in our community.

The key to their interventions is working with individuals and families at risk of losing their housing. More than 50,000 people in the Portland area live on the verge of homelessness. One health crisis; emergency room visit, or a lost job can land a family in a shelter or in a tent. The trauma is devastating. Everyone in our community suffers. Impact NW supports people before it’s too late in two main ways: They stabilize by offering services such as rent, utility and other supports. And they strengthen by offering job training, parenting support, and opportunities for children. 

David Lynch
United States
89 minutes

This surreal nightmare examines male paranoia. Our hero and title character, Henry, faces a number of horrifying obstacles in meeting someone of the opposite sex, meeting her parents, and procreating. Produced during a one-and-a-half-year period while director David Lynch was a student at the American Film Institute, the film launched him as a major new talent admired by cinephiles and filmmakers all over the world. It stands today as a milestone in personal, independent filmmaking.

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FREE!!! Please make a contribution to the evening's nonprofit partner, IMPACT NW.

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