Clinton Street Theater presents Madison Young's SUBMISSION POSSIBLE: SAN FRANCISCO

Clinton Street Theater presents Madison Young's SUBMISSION POSSIBLE: SAN FRANCISCO



(Director/Writer/Producer/Host) - Madison Young is a queer writer/director/producer and CEO of Empress in Lavender Media. This sexual revolutionary has been smashing stigma in the media for two decades across multiple mediums and platforms, including authoring several critically acclaimed books, touring their off-Broadway one womxn show - Reveal All Fear Nothing, and directing, hosting and producing the documentary television series -Submission Possible - for Revry TV.

Young brings her 18 years of experience as a pioneer in the feminist porn movement, along with her award-winning filmmaking and writing talents, to the table to bring films and television to life in a way that reflects the emotional nuance and authentic vulnerability that has become a signature in Young’s work.

SUBMISSION POSSIBLE: SAN FRANCISCO features Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Midori, Dahlia Snow, Nyxie Likely, Cleo Dubois, and Madison Young.

Madison Young
United States
80 minutes

Queer Sexual Revolutionary Madison Young, journeys back to San Francisco as the world slowly starts to emerge from the trauma and isolation of a global pandemic, to be reunited with the vibrant chosen family and community of sexual luminaries, misfits, artists, kinksters, sex workers, gender f*ckers, eco-sexuals, activists and icons such as Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Midori, and Cleo DuBois. These pioneers of queer sexuality acted as a beacon, a sanctuary, in Young’s youth.  While Young mourns the loss of iconic institutions that catalyzed her sexual awakening like the Lusty Lady, she simultaneously rejoices in a feeling of belonging and connection that she had hungered so dearly for during the pandemic.