Today at The Clinton: Monday, Feb 18

Dungeon Battle Karaoke

Dungeon Battle Karaoke


dungeon battle karaoke dragon

Dungeon Battle Karaoke is a game show adventure combining elements of karaoke and tabletop roleplaying games. Players navigate an original storyline while using the power of song to face challenges along the way. Our FAQ page has more information on what to expect.

Two ticket types are available:

Spectator tickets are for people who simply want to enjoy the show and atmosphere.

Player tickets are for people seeking glory. When signing up to play, please fill out this form. Please note that Dungeon Battle Karaoke is a team-based game. You can attend with your team already formed or we can help you join one. Teams of 6-8 work well. In the event of multiple small teams, we may need to combine teams in order to help the game run smoothly.

Find out more at - might we recommend the FAQs?


Special Admission

$8-16 (spectator or player), ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW.