Monkey With a Hat On presents the Science Ten Minute Play Festival

Monkey With a Hat On presents the Science Ten Minute Play Festival


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The 10MPF is an event MWAHO produces three times a year that features nine original, new plays written, directed and performed by Portland artists. It's a very fun, well attended event and we believe there is nothing else like it in the city. This is theater for everybody: only charging 5 bucks a ticket and we have an open-door policy where anyone can submit a play or try out to be involved.

Every festival we have a theme and for our 23rd festival, it's a good one!...

ALL AGES (some f* bombs and sexual innuendo). DOORS OPEN AT 6:00.


For more information about becoming involved, check out the website.

Science 10MPF
The Science Ten Minute Play Festival

The Science Ten Minute Play Festival will let you tag along with two androids working a 9-5 that hide human emotions from their boss. The de-thawed head of Steve Jobs finds out the future sucks. A dude short on cash makes the mistake of joining a medical experiment. A desperate wife pretends to be a bird to regain her partner's love. During an interview, a teacher discovers the school is more than non-traditional. A spacewalk with a clumsy astronaut and an obsessive ex partner. Aliens argue over whether they should destroy earth. An actress gets a role in "Frankenstein," but realizes she is cast as the monster and the doctor is played by an android. A woman uses time travel to save a date from going horribly wrong.

In-between each of the plays we will have our house band, junglecorp, laying down a rock opera about what the future may hold for genetic engineering...

This fall come out to the Clinton Street Theater and celebrate everything about Science that is fun, quirky, ridiculous (sometimes deathly serious) and hilarious!


Special Admission

$5, advance tickets available.