Today at The Clinton: Monday, Mar 25

Portland Film Community Night

Portland Film Community Night


Sunday, Apr 28
Sunday, May 26
Sunday, Jun 23
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A monthly celebration of Portland films and the artists making them.

Might include script reading, rough cut screenings, Q&As with directors, and much, much more. Portland filmmaking community, this night is about YOU!

Come mix & mingle and get to know your filmmaking community!

In March -- Doors at 6:30pm.


ted tantrum
Ted Tantrum Extravaganza

7:00 PM Show us your Ted (perform your best Ted Tantrum impression on camera (which we may use in future to entertain the world or blackmail you (attendees are encouraged to dress like Ted for the event))).

7:30 PM We show you our Ted (a few old and two brand new never before seen episodes)

8:30 PM Q&A and prizes

9:00 PM Off-site libations TBD (because I don't have kids or work that night!).

FREE and (moderately, in a progressive kinda way) kid friendly. A donation jar will be on site and might resemble a super rusty can that once held Reggie.

Special Admission

Free and open to the public. Donations of any amount gratefully accepted to keep the theater running and to cover staffing costs.